In order to spread new methodologies and research results, EUPRERA organises a highly regarded annual congress each autumn in collaboration with a selected university or college in Europe.
The congress, where recent results are presented, based on peer-reviewed papers and panel sessions, is a major event to exchange research insights and to start collaborations in this specific field in Europe. Participants come from all over the world.
Authors have the opportunity to enter one of the prizes for the best works and to see their papers published in the EUPRERA Congress Book and in the Journal of Communication Management.

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Zagreb 2019
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Joy – Using strategic communication to improve the quality of life
Organizer: Ana Tkalac Verčič
Congress website:

Navarra univ long 2020
Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
Organizers: Natalia Rodríguez-Salcedo, Elena Gutiérrez-García, Mónica Recalde

Are you interested in hosting the EUPRERA congress?
All the rules to host a congress are indicated in the bylaws. Please contact our Director of PR and Administration ( to check the first available year and the first required steps.

Where have we been before? What did we talk about?
The EUPRERA congress took place the first time in 1999 in Berlin, Germany. Since then, the congress has become an yearly appointment for academics and practitioners from Europe and gradually from all over the world. Here the cities we visited and the themes we investigated.