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1. Join a cross-national project. An example? The European Communication Monitor (ECM) which, with its affiliated surveys Latin American Communication Monitor (LCM) and Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor (APCM), it is the most representative study of the Communication Management profession worldwide, with a longitudinal participation of more than 22,000 practitioners. Euprera International Projects and their members are recognized all over the world
2. Join a members network: groups of members working together under a thematic umbrella. 


3. Receive the monthly newsletter and be updated on relevant international PR conferences, courses, awards, surveys and deadlines to be considered.
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5. Take part in our highly regarded annual congress at discounted rates and discover every year a city in Europe, selected among attractive and easy-reachable destinations.The EUPRERA annual congress is a major event to exchange research insights and to start collaborations in this specific field in Europe. Participants come from all over the world.
6. Take part in our partner conferences at discounted rates.


7. Participating in the congress also automatically gives you the opportunity to enter the competition for:

8. Promote your new books, publications, research results, job offers, events and much more on our channels.
9. Launch a new project and create a new members network on the thematic heading you want! All new ideas are very much welcome and will be discussed by the BoD.
10. Vote on crucial issues at the spring Virtual General Assembly and at the autumn General Assembly. Your opinion counts!

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